Project Be was created to encourage you to discover more about who you are and what you want in your life...


At times, we all feel lost and unsure

of ourselves

It is natural and normal to feel lost and uncertain at times.  We feel so much pressure from ourselves and others to figure out what we want to do with our lives that we doubt ourselves and feel stressed and confused.

Continuously ask yourself questions and get it down on paper


We feel confused because we look outside of ourselves for the answers.  We listen to others before we listen to ourselves.  And we let society's rules and expectations guide our decisions and behavior.  We need to look inside instead of outside. 


It is sometimes difficult to ask ourselves the questions we need to ask.  But once you start and get your thoughts, feelings, and questions down on paper, you will be more connected to who you are and your decisions will flow more easily and naturally. 

It is up to you to choose the life you want to live

When we are connected with ourselves, we can more clearly see what we want to do.  We all have the ability to create the life we want, but we are often afraid.  So instead we work all of the time, watch tv, have meaningless conversations, text, FB, Tweet, and just live our lives asleep. 


We choose our life and how we live it... the people in it, how we use our time, our perceptions, and our dreams.  You can choose to live a rich, colorful, authentic life on your own terms. 

Small steps can take you a long way toward your life and career goals

Creating the life you want may seem complicated or impossible at times, but if you identify small actions and steps that you can take every day, these small steps can add up to big changes in your life. 


The story of who you are and what your life is like today (and what it will be in the future) is written by you. Taking small steps every day will help you to reach your goals and create the life and career that you want.

Project Be is about you.

Our books and mentorship program will guide you to more clearly envision the life you want, make conscious choices, and identify small steps that you can take to actively write the story of your life.


We hope that Project Be can support you on your exciting journey.

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