Sadie Stetson is an illustrator, writer, and editor. Sadie has worked on a wide variety of creative projects with organizations like Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft Game Studios, Moose Studios, The CREO Institute, Creative Arts Limited, and more, playing many roles from project manager to content creator. She is driven by one goal: finding the story that needs to be told.  Her favorite role is adventurer, having just returned from spending a year teaching in China.


Sadie has a Bachelor's in the Business of Art and Design from the Ringling College of Art and Design.

Here are some thoughts from my own journal pages...


My name is:  Sadie Stetson


I am

... a thinker, a maker, a sharer, a traveler, a wanderer, and a finder


I also want to be

... a storyteller and a helper


I feel energized and excited when

... people tell me their goals and I can help them

... I fall into a great story

... there is a mystery around things


Describe your life as you would like it to be 10 years from now…

I think I wouldn't settle.  I hope I'm still looking for more. I want to find a place I can stay and create the things I want to create by an ocean or river, surrounded by lots of plants.


I'll be near my family and spend the days with my cat and any other friends we bring home.  Whatever money I make is fine, as long as it keeps my best friend and me fed.  It would be better to make my work something that can make others happy. 


Most importantly, I swear to never stop learning new things! In fact, I should know at least ten new things by then- since I will be ten degrees north of the person I am now.