Here are some thoughts from my own journal pages...


My name is:  Wanda Chaves


I am

... curious, optimistic, persistent, hard working, a dancer, and an explorer


I also want to be

... an advocate for the environment and other living beings, more in tune with nature, and in the present moment


What do I love?  Why do I love these people, experiences, things?

I love people who are humble.  They inspire me.  I believe that many of the problems we face as individuals and as a world are a result of the ego.


Do I believe that anything is possible?

In my life, I have found that the happiest and most successful people I have met have achieved the life that they dreamed of creating because they refused to believe that their dreams were not possible.  They ignored others who doubted them and continued to move forward until they attained their goals.  It is quite powerful when you believe deeply in your purpose and dreams. 


Our thoughts and what we believe to be true either open up or completely close the world of possibilities available to us.  It is like a light switch in our mind.  If we turn it on and believe that we can have the life that we want, we will work harder, try many different paths, and persevere until we have created it.  One of my favorite quotes is "take a step in the direction of your dreams and the universe will conspire to help you make them a reality".


Wanda Chaves is an educator, organizational consultant, and dreamer. Wanda has been a full-time professor of leadership, management, psychology, and business of art and design at the University of South Carolina, the Ringling College of Art and Design, the University of Tampa, and the University of South Florida. She worked as an internal consultant for the Walt Disney World for many years and on creative projects with Cirque du Soleil, Hasbro, Sesame Street, the Jim Henson Company, the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and others.  Wanda loves to travel and explore far off places. 


Wanda has Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and French from the University of Tampa and a Doctorate degree In Industrial and  Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida.

The Project Be Mentoring Program

It is my pleasure to lead the Project Be Mentoring Program!  I have been fortunate to work with and mentor many students over the past fifteen years as a professor of psychology, leadership, and management.  I have also coached leaders and executives in my work as a consultant at Disney and other organizations. 


In my work with students and leaders, I have helped them to clarify their personal and career goals,  Then together, we have developed and put plans into action to help them achieve their goals and dreams.


If you would like a partner on your journey, I would love to work with you during our 7-month mentoring program to discover more about who you are and to start to create a life and career that you will love!