Ximena Fernandez Castro is a filmmaker, visual artist & designer, and social marketer.  Ximena is an Executive Producer for Medio&Medio films in Montevideo, Uruguay.  She has collaborated on many creative projects for organizations such as The CREO Institute and Cirque du Soleil.  Recently, she was the Co-creator and Director of SeeLanka, a film project in Sri Lanka.


Ximena has a Bachelor's in Film from Ringling College of Art and Design. 

Here are some thoughts from my own journal pages...


My name is:  Ximena Fernandez Castro


I am

... a filmmaker, a designer and a world citizen


I also want to be

... a peacemaker.

I want to use my artistic skills to promote a positive attitude and to help improve the most vulnerable areas of our communities. I want to give those in need a voice through my diverse art and design projects and work to improve their living situations.  I want to work on documentary films that show the different realities that surround us, the ones that are somehow invisible and many times ignored by those who have the power to change them. I believe that by exposing these realities we can make more people care and work together to improve their different living contexts.


I would like to create content for movements that fight for better housing conditions, job opportunities, education and rights. I would like to bring different people together and try to eradicate socio-economical barriers so people see each other simply as human beings that are together on this journey.


What does being creative mean to me?

To me being creative means seeing the world in a different way. I see life as a journey, and I am constantly trying different ways to travel through it.  I adore finding the essence of things, the reason for their being.  And I love to meet new people; to me meeting someone new is like opening a new book.


What do I want most in life?  What are my dreams?

What I want most in life is to be able to accomplish my dreams and learn as much as possible, travel, travel and travel a little more! ... make the world my neighborhood. I want to get in contact with different cultures, try different spices, listen to all kinds of city soundscapes - simply live my life to the fullest, opening my mind and getting a taste of the diversity the world has to offer. 


I want to make a difference in people's lives. I want to have a positive impact on their dreams and help everyone fight for them.  I believe that there are infinite ways of helping others, through drawings, movies, actions, or even with pure kind words. Ultimately, I would love to give back to my parents and my brother for all the unconditional love and support they have always given me. I owe them everything I have and everything I am.  I want to make them happy and proud.