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The Project Be Way.

Get your thoughts, feelings, and questions down on paper.

Be self-aware throughout your day.  Ask yourself why?

Listen to your intuition.

Be honest with yourself about your deepest dreams and passions.  Believe that you can create the life that you want, even if others doubt it.  Decide to live joyfully and on your own terms.

Take a small step every day.  Small purposeful actions can add up to big changes in your life.

Protect your health, be selfish with your time, have fun and honor your self.  When you feel good physically and mentally, everything else flows more naturally.

Choose the people, experiences, energy, and stimuli that you allow into your life carefully.  Connect with nature, other individuals, and your community.

Seek possibilities that excite you and plant seeds to see what may grow.  This will lead you to the adventures and paths that you will travel to continuously be creating your beautiful, authentic life. 

Envision the stories you want to tell about your life and take purposeful small steps and plant seeds to make them a reality.

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